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Above and Beyond: Staff Recognition
Dec 04, 2022   02:19 PM
by CVCAA Staff

Here at Concho Valley Community Action Agency, we have several amazing programs to provide our neighbors with help getting by. But what makes our agency truly amazing is the dedicated and caring staff that work here. This month we want to introduce you to superstar, Cynthia Muniz. 

Cynthia is going on her fifth year at CVCAA, where she has been the warm bright smile at the front desk or over the phone. 

Cynthia serves as the Office Manager, which means she is what keeps our train on its track. If there is anything a staff member needs, Cynthia is right there to make sure it is taken care of. She is always willing to lend a helping hand and step in wherever needed. 

When she isn’t serving our clients, Cynthia loves to read, travel, and dance! If you have a moment to go review our past Halloween social media posts, Cynthia is always there with the spookiest costume! Her love of scary movies and Halloween make October such a fun time at CVCAA!  

Through and through, Cynthia loves the Concho Valley! If you ask her, she'll say her favorite part of her job is that it gives her the freedom to implement CVCAA's mission in everything she does, build lasting relationships with her peers, and impact the community in a positive way by helping people. 

While CVCAA means so much to Cynthia, she wishes that everyone knew what the heart of our organization is. The mission of CVCAA is to provide a variety of services in partnership with community resources to improve lives and empower people in the Concho Valley area. That is something Cynthia works to do every single day!  

Cynthia said that through her four and a half years with the agency, there is one big lesson that stands out: "There’s no greater thing you can do with your work than to follow your passions in a way that helps others and the community and committing yourself to lifelong learning."

Day of Giving
Dec 02, 2022   05:34 PM
by Administrator
Picture4 DoG

This year, CVCAA asked the Concho Valley to be a part of the solution by donating during the National Day of Giving on November 29th. Every year, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving is designated as Giving Tuesday and is an opportunity for our neighbors to show their gratitude for the good things they have in the lives but helping out those that don’t have as much to be grateful for. 

CVCAA is thankful for every donation made, which stays right here in our community to help our neighbors who are struggling or have fallen on hard times. 

We are also grateful for Abell-Hanger foundation who, through a generous grant, is matching every dollar donated to the agency. 

If you would still like to contribute, you aren’t out of time yet. You can make a donation online at https://bit.ly/ConchoValleyGives or just scan the QR code at the bottom of this page. Donations can also be mailed to our office at PO Box 671 San Angelo, TX 76902.  

Thank you so much to everyone who has already donated. You are truly making

a difference in your community! 

From the Executive Director – December 2022
Dec 02, 2022   08:00 AM
by CVCAA Staff

A Commitment to Helping People, Changing Lives 

It’s a busy time at CVCAA!  As you may have heard, we have a new office location that we’re moving into.  Starting on December 7, we’ll be located at the Concho Suites office complex, at 133 W. Concho Ave.  We’re in suite 301, but don’t worry…we’re not on the 3rd floor.  We’re the whole building!!  We’re excited to be in our new space!

Besides moving, our team has been working diligently to finish up the year and get ready for 2023.  Our utilities team will begin accepting 2023 applications via email and mobile app right away.  Walkup and drop-off applications will start the 2nd week of January.  Our housing and weatherization teams have been busy as well in their programs providing much-needed assistance in these cold months.  For 2022 we have assisted over 7500 individuals, which is a high for us. 

If you follow us on social media, you’ve probably seen posts about our work with the homeless community.  You may not know this, but San Angelo is one of the largest cities in Texas without an operating homeless shelter. This means our neighbors are at extreme risk, especially in the winter months.  We partner with several agencies and the Concho Valley Homeless Coalition to get them out of the elements and Into the Warmth when the temperature drops.  But that is just a band-aid.  San Angelo needs a permanent shelter so that agencies like CVCAA can offer direct services to our homeless neighbors and work to get them stably housed. This will take a lot of community effort and of course, funding.  It won’t be easy, but CVCAA is right in there working with our partners to try to get it figured out.

I’d like to leave you with some words from Melville, written almost 200 years ago in his novel Redburn.  In the text, Redburn travels to Launcelott’s Hey, a street where the homeless in this English town lived.  As he tries to get assistance for the homeless, he encounters several individuals with attitudes that you would hear still today.  At the end of the chapter, Melville writes "Tell me, oh Bible, that story of Lazarus again, that I may find comfort in my heart for the poor and forlorn. Surrounded as we are by the wants of fellow men, and yet given to follow our own pleasures, regardless of their pains, are we not like people sitting up with a corpse, and making merry in the house of the dead?"

As we’re celebrating this time of year, enjoying friends and family, let's keep in mind that there are many in our community that are in need.  Let's not make merry in the house of the dead, but let us lead the charge in finding long-lasting solutions.

For everyone born,



Community Action Spotlight
Dec 02, 2022   08:00 AM
by CVCAA Staff


CVCAA Staff Grant Senior Christmas Wishes

For the past 14 years, Meals for the Elderly has held their annual Seniors Still Believe Tree Event. Set up in Sunset Mall, a Christmas tree is filled with red ornaments, each with a homebound elderly individual's name, Christmas gift wish, and sizes if necessary. This year, CVCAA Executive Director Mike Burnett decided it was time CVCAA joined together to give back this holiday season.

All of the CVCAA pooled together their money and selected 5 local seniors from the tree to surprise! Unfortunately, every year there are seniors whose ornament is not picked from the tree, and Meals for the Elderly try to put together something to get them. Our staff decided to get 5 gift bags full of stocking stuffers for Meals for the Elderly to distribute to the rest of the seniors so everyone gets a gift! Everyone at CVCAA is excited to keep this new tradition going next year!

Navigation Day
Nov 04, 2022   02:22 PM
by CVCAA Staff

At the beginning of 2022, a fire devastated a local homeless encampment, and many people lost what few belongings they actually had. While this fire was a horrible event, it did spark the beginning of the Homeless Outreach Team, a group of churches and non-profit organizations coming together to meet our vulnerable neighbors where they were and build relationships. 

Since April, West Side Baptist Church, 1st Presbyterian Church, West Texas Counseling and Guidance, and CVCAA have brought lunch to the camp every Tuesday, rain or shine. Once many of our neighbors are out of a home, many of their items and documents get lost or stolen. Without an ID, it is impossible for them to apply for SNAP, get a job, or even get on the housing waitlist.

In order to take our outreach to the next level and get our neighbors exactly what they needed, we created Navigation Days! Numerous agencies take one day out of the month to provide direct services to people that same day. This is not a resource fair where people are just handed pamphlets and sent on their way. We have had agencies and volunteers helping neighbors get documents, apply for state benefits, receive clothes and shoes, get a haircut, and much more. 

These Navigation Days have grown substantially since their creation in June. Recently, we have outgrown the Cactus Hotel Speakeasy and took our September Navigation Day to the CVT Annex Building. On that Navigation Day...

 65 Homeless Households Served

  • 42 Hygiene Kits given away by CVCAA
  • 19 people saw a Dr on site with the La Esperanza Mobile Clinic
  • 25 Households received bus passes from CVT
  • 8 housing appointments were made with HASA
  • 10 people were served by Workforce Solutions
  • 57 people got clothes and shoes from Rust St
  • Over 10 people got ID/Document help from Goodwill
  • 17 TX Benefit applications were submitted with a CVCAA case manager
  • 3 people completed an intake with West Texas Counseling & Guidance
  • 2 prescriptions were picked up by the First Presbyterian Church of San Angelo
  • 2 phones were given away through Crickett
  • 10 haircuts were given
  • 3 appointments were scheduled with Legal Aid of Northwest Texas
  • 17 people were served by MHMR Concho Valley