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Become a Change Maker today!

Monthly giving: Become a Change Maker

When you make a monthly gift to CVCAA, you become a Change Maker for neighbors right here in our community. As a Change Maker, your monthly gift provides lasting dignity to local neighbors today and in the years to come.

Neighbors like Carroll. Carroll is elderly and has been unable to get around due to complications from Covid. She depends on her Social Security check to survive, but there is rarely enough to last the month. CVCAA is able to help Carroll stay in her home through our utility assistance program.

"Thank you to CVCAA and all of its people and sponsors for the help given to me the past few years. Your help with my electric has been a lifesaver and a blessing for me."

Thanks to generous donors like you, we can continue to support neighbors like Carroll so they can live in safe homes. Monthly donations allow us to support our neighbors all year long. 


Benefits of Monthly Giving

Give on your terms   See your impact all year   Claim tax deductions


Become a Change maker with a monthly donation of $5 or more. You can change or cancel your monthly gift at any time.



As a monthly supporter of CVCAA, you'll get exclusive communications and updates so you can keep track of the progress we make - together.



Monthly gifts are tax deductible to the full extent the law provides, just like all donations you make to CVCAA.


What impact will my donation have?

The majority of the funding CVCAA recieves comes from federal grants and that comes with lots of red tape. Monthly donations allow CVCAA to help our neighbors where they need it the most and lets us focus on keeping families safe and housed.