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Community Action Month


Community Action Month

May means a lot of things to a lot of people! To students, May means they’re one step closer to summer vacation. To West Texans, May means 100-degree weather is right around the corner. To CVCAA, May means it’s Community Action Month, a chance to celebrate the expansive network of agencies that work to make their individual, unique communities a great place to live even for the most vulnerable neighbors.

No one highlights the importance of Community Action Month better than the National Community Action Partnership Executive Officer Denise Harlow, who said “Community Action Month is a time for us to come together and elevate Community Action as a voice and driving force for opportunity in  America. It’s a time to celebrate the people and communities we serve, who inspire us with their strength and resilience… But above all else, perhaps, Community Action Month serves as an affirmation of the power of our network.”

Growing out of LBJ’s War on Poverty and the advocacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, the Community Action Network was created to help fight the root issues of poverty and provide a hand-up to families struggling to make ends meet. Today, we are proud to say we are 1000 agencies strong covering 99% of counties in the U.S.

Locally, CVCAA is excited to take this opportunity to share our work and impact with the rest of the Concho Valley. On May 4th, we were happy to attend the San Angelo City Council meeting where Mayor Brenda Gunter proclaimed May 2023 Community Action Month. Below, you can find a link to the video of our Proclamation, If you don’t already, follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see us promote our community partners, share the real action happening in your neighborhoods, and learn more about the power of Community Action Agencies across the country.

City of San Angelo Community Action Month Proclamation