CVCAA Board of Directors

Greetings from the CVCAA Board of Directors! 
         This board is represented by a diverse group of community leaders who are all dedicated toJudge Corbin alleviating the suffering our neighbors experience due to the instability of homelessness, utility insecurity, and other unmet needs causing those we serve strife and stress.  Our board is comprised of public servants, private sector professionals, and leaders serving in non-profit organizations.  We also strive to represent each of our communities in the Concho Valley, no matter how large or small, and balance our focus so that services are accessible to all in our client base.  We believe we have assembled an outstanding staff of compassionate community-focused professionals and are confident your experience and interactions with CVCAA will reflect our values and our sincere investment in your long-term success.   
        -Hon. Brandon Corbin, Board of Directors Chair

County Name Position Sector
Menard County Honorable Brandon Corbin Board Chair Public Sector
Coke County Honorable Hal Spain Board Vice Chair Public Sector
Concho County Honorable David Dillard Public Sector
Tom Green County Honorable Lane Carter Public Sector
Sterling County Honorable Mike Knittel Public Sector
Irion County Linda Stemm Low-Income Sector
Tom Green County Bernadette Coffee Board Secretary/Treasurer Low-Income Sector
Tom Green County Stephanie Hamby Low-Income Sector
Sutton County Noemi Samaniego Low-Income Sector
Schleicher County Victor Belman Private Sector
Crockett County VACANT Private Sector
Tom Green County Amanda Cruz Low-Income Sector
Full-Service Area Shelly Bailey Private Sector
Kimble County Mikki Hand Low-Income Sector
Tom Green County Jacob Allgood Private Sector