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Navigation Day
At the beginning of 2022, a fire devastated a local homeless encampment, and many people lost what few belongings they had. While this fire was a horrible event, it did spark the beginning of the Homeless Outreach Team, a group of churches and non-profit organizations coming together to meet our vulnerable neighbors where they were and build relationships. 

Since April, West Side Baptist Church, 1st Presbyterian Church, West Texas Counseling and Guidance, and CVCAA have brought lunch to the camp every Tuesday, rain or shine. Once many of our neighbors are out of a home, many of their items and documents get lost or stolen. Without an ID, it is impossible for them to apply for SNAP, get a job, or even get on the housing waitlist.

To take our outreach to the next level and get our neighbors exactly what they needed, we created Navigation Days! Over 20 agencies take one day out of the month to provide direct services to people that same day. This is not a resource fair where people are just handed pamphlets and sent on their way. We have had agencies and volunteers helping neighbors get documents, apply for state benefits, receive clothes and shoes, get a haircut, and much more. 

These Navigation Days have grown substantially since their creation in June 2022. We have outgrown three locations and have found our permanent home in the First Presbyterian Church on 32 N Irving St. Navigation Days are normally the last Tuesday of the month from 9am to 4pm. 

At each Navigation Day, we need numerous volunteers as well as a business, agency, or church to help provide breakfast and lunch for all of our attendees, homeless neighbors and service providers alike. If you are interested in volunteering your time or resources to this event, please click the link below

I'd like to help with Navigation Day!

Navigation Day 2024 flyer2023 Nav Day Totals
  • 785 Homeless Neighbor Visits (Duplicated)
    • 386 neighbors have received items from Rust St Ministries
    • 264 hygiene kits were given away by CVCAA
    • 174 neighbors received bus passes, clothes, help applying for a phone through the affordable connectivity act, or help connecting to other resources from Catholic Outreach
    • 150 neighbors have received ID/document or employment assistance through Goodwill Career Center
    • 236 neighbors received STD Testing, information, condoms, and/or HIV Testing from the TX Department of State Health Services and Shannon HIV Clinic
    • 109 neighbors received help submitting or checking the status of their TX benefit applications with CVCAA
    • 107 neighbors have been helped with healthcare with La Esperanza Clinic
    • 94 neighbors received help applying for housing from the Housing Authority of San Angelo
    • 88 neighbors were served by MHMRCV through application help, case manager contact, or Respite admission
    • 71 people received haircuts from volunteers
    • 40 neighbors received services from ADACCV
    • 40 people have received pet food and supplies through our Americorp Vista Chrysanthemum Crenshaw and Feeding Pets of the Homeless
    • 28 neighbors received employment assistance through Workforce Solutions
    • 9 neighbors received legal advice and assistance through LegalAid of Northwest Texas
    • And more!

People at Navigation Day