Feeding Pets of the Homeless

There is a special bond between a pet and their person. For most of us a pet provides snuggles, a welcome home, and loving companionship. For our homeless neighbors, a pet can also be protection while you sleep, warmth on a cold night, and a small measure of consistency in an unstable situation.

But caring for a pet while homeless can create an extra burden that forces some of our neighbors to choose between themselves and their dog when it comes time to eat.

That’s why CVCAA is so excited to be the first location in West Texas for Feeding the Pets of the Homeless (FPH). As a FPH participant, we are set up to take donations of food, leashes, toys, and other pet care items that will make taking care of a furry friend easier for our homeless neighbors.

To Receive Items...

To ensure that the donated items go specifically to our unsheltered neighbors, we do not give out pet food from our CVCAA Office. Neighbors are able to get a bag of pet food and an additional item such as a toy or leash once a month. Items depend on availability. There are two locations where we distribute items from…
  • Homeless Navigation Day Events at First Presbyterian Church
    Last Tuesday of the Month – 9 am to 4 pm
    32 N Irving St
  • The Oasis Day Shelter at St. Paul Presbyterian Church
    Monday through Friday – 1:30 pm to 5 pm
    11 N Park St
To Donate Items...

If you would like to contribute, we are accepting monetary and physical donations at our CVCAA office during our open office times. Monetary donations can be made on our Donate Page. Just select Feeding Pets of the Homeless as your preferred fund. Every donation received will go directly to caring for the pets of our most at-risk neighbors.

If you would like to donate items or host a pet supply drive, please check out our full list of approved items. 
Full List of Approved Donated Items

If you have any questions or prefer to schedule a donation time, please contact Sidney Timmer at [email protected].