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Pawsitive Impacts for Homeless Neighbors


Pawsitive Impacts for Homeless Neighbors

     We all know that San Angelo is a hidden gem in the heart of West Texas. Even so, it’s no secret that we, as a city, have a major problem on our hands: many of our neighbors are homeless - and their pets are, too. CVCAA believes that we can make a difference in the lives of both our fellow humans and their furry friends, and here to help us along the way is our latest “partner in community”, Concho Valley Paws. We’ve teamed up with them so that we can help each other help others.

     In the early morning of April 25th, dedicated staff at Concho Valley Paws came out to help our homeless neighbors by providing free spay and neuter surgeries for their pets - plus some extra services! Eleven dogs were spayed and neutered, and received microchips, vaccines, leashes, and collars on the 25th, alone. This number has a big impact; these things supply safety and security for pets and pet owners, and even just one spay or neuter surgery can prevent unplanned litters within the homeless community camps - the puppies from which would have a high likelihood of not surviving, or staying in the camp and breeding even more litters. These surgeries will give the pet owners some peace of mind, a financial weight off of their shoulders, and the comfort of knowing that they have one less thing to worry about. Sometimes one less thing is one more thing to be thankful for.

     We spoke with Jenie Wilson, Executive Director of Paws, whose heart has recently been touched by this cause. She stated, “We will do this again until we have successfully vaccinated and fixed everyone.” She, then, brought up the insightful point that, often, when a pet is abandoned here in San Angelo, our homeless neighbors are the first to take them in and care for them. So why shouldn’t they have access to the same pet care services as other pet owners in the city? Jenie is eager to learn more about the needs of the homeless community as they relate to animal care.

“In time, this will make for a more
pleasant and healthier camp for the
dogs and will present fewer hardships
and heartaches for the people,”

- Jenie Wilson

Executive Director of Paws

Thank you, Concho Valley Paws! You have already made a difference! If you would like to help us obtain much-needed items for our homeless neighbors and their furry friends, please click the link below to go to our Amazon wish list! It is so easy to add items to your cart to be automatically shipped to us!

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