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From the Executive Director – May 2023



Be Good to People

One of the things that fascinates me is how we perceive time. Some days and weeks move ever so slowly...plodding along as we watch the secondhand move.  While some days fly and the next thing you know a month or two has passed and you ask yourself “Where did the time go?”  This spring has been more of the latter...time flying so quickly.  It seems like just yesterday we were in the doldrums of the end of winter, and now we’re already seeing temperatures in the 90s as we watch the calendar pages flip marking the end of rodeo season, the end of the school year, and preparations for the summer. 

Here at CVCAA, it seems like we’re always moving quickly...planning one program while running another. In all this, we try to not lose sight of always Helping People and Changing Lives.  All our planning is set in motion with a Community Needs Assessment that we conduct every three years.  Our last one was in 2021, and wow look at the calendar...three years have almost flown by and we’re preparing for the next one.  The Community Needs Assessment is an in-depth look at what the needs are for each of our service area counties.  We’ll engage in a lot of conversations with people at all levels of the economic spectrum, focusing intently on what the needs of those at the lower end need.  Once we complete the assessment we put it into action with our yearly Community Action Plan.  We don’t like to let moss grow, as the old saying goes.  Action is in our name, and we want to really work at identifying and then meeting those needs right away.  And as we put things into action, we’re always evaluating how we are doing at the work.  It’s a constant cycle, and it really allows us to meet the most needs of our communities. 

I’m a big fan of inspirational quotes.  Our agency staff is currently submitting quotes that they love to hang in our common areas in the office.  I’ll leave you with this one, submitted by our Housing Team Lead Jennie Wagner. 

“No matter what happens in life, be good to people.  
Being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind.” – Taylor Swift 

As we work towards bettering our communities, we’re always trying to be good to people...especially those in need.  As we plan, assess, act, and evaluate, we remember that the work we do is to the benefit of others so that they can in turn help someone else. 



For Everyone Born,