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From the Executive Director – March 2023


Spring and the Changes it Brings

As the winter weather subsides these days, and you look outside, you’re starting to see the signs of spring. Just outside my office window, I have a tree where I can daily see the new buds on the branches. Just beyond the tree is the public skate park along the Concho, and the river itself. As the weather is warming and new life starts to populate our communities, I think about how the Concho Valley grows and changes every year.  Each town in the area has different spring activities and events.  We’re all shedding the heavy jackets and transitioning to lighter attire as we look forward to the coming change that spring brings.  I’m excited to see how spring’s new life shows up, each day a little greener. 

If you examine our agency’s name, you’ll find two words that I think are at the heart of who we are and what we do. Those two words are Community and Action.  CVCAA has been a part of the Concho Valley for over 50 years.  We’ve been an important part of the communities in our area. The services we provide are the action. As we look forward to the spring and onward, CVCAA wants to be an advocate for those in our communities that might feel their voice isn’t being heard.  As a central hub of assistance, CVCAA is in a perfect position to affect change for our lower-income neighbors…we want to listen to their voices and amplify them to those in positions that can make the change.  In a few weeks, we’ll be hosting our Bridge Builders event, where we will listen to our neighbors about what they want and desire for their part of the community.  We’ll then share that information with elected officials and hope for positive change.   

It’s not just the services we offer that help people, but it's also how we help their voices be heard. And in their voices being lifted we’re able to have lives changed.  Community Action’s mantra is Helping People, Changing Lives…and CVCAA is doing that in our communities! 

For everyone born,