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CVCAA - Homepage
133 W Concho Ave
Suite 301
San Angelo, TX 76903

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We are located at 36 E. Twohig, Ste. B2 in the basement of the historic Cactus Hotel. Click here for a map.

How do I contact you?

Our phone number is (325) 653-2411.

You can call us toll free at 877-41-CVCAA.

We can also be reached via email at [email protected]

Utility Assistance
What is the first step in receiving assistance with my utility bill?

The first step is to call the office at (325) 653-2411 to request an application be mailed to you or you can download an application here.  Return the application and supporting documents to the office through email, mail, fax, or drop-off. You will be contacted from there. 

How do I know if I will qualify for assistance?

You will receive a letter in the mail letting you know if you have been approved for benefits and the amount of those benefits.

Does the bill have to be in my name?

No, it is not a requirement for the utility bill to be in your name.

Can you help with any electric and/or gas provider?

We have vendor agreements with several electric, gas &/or propane companies. Please see our utility assistance page for our current vendor list. 

What if I have received a disconnect notice?

Please call our office to set up a phone interview. Disconnect appoinments are limited. 

Do you offer utility assistance only once?

No, once you qualify, you are set up on additional payments.  The maximum amount is different for each client. Your case manager will mail you a letter once application is complete that will explain in more detail.

Who qualifies for the weatherization program?

Qualification is based on the household income, and the home must be structurally sound.  You can call the office at (325) 653-2411 and ask what the maximum gross income is for your size family.

If I have received weatherization in the past but have moved, can I qualify for the home I am living in now?

Weatherization is linked to the location, not the occupant.  If the client changes residences, moving into a home not previously weatherized, the new home is eligible for weatherization.

Does weatherization include windows and doors?

No, windows and doors are not replaced through our weatherization assistance program. 

My home is need of some repairs. Does the weatherization program help with that?

Weatherization is designed to make the home more energy efficient and comfortable.  It does not include repairs such as plumbing, roofs, or floors.

Will you keep the deed to my home after weatherization is completed?

We DO NOT keep the deed to your home after we weatherize it nor will we ever ask for it.

What if I live in a mobile home?

Weatherization can be performed on mobile homes as well.

I am currently renting but would like to apply for the weatherization program to help lower my bills.  What do I have to do?
You must complete an application for weatherization, AND have your landlord complete a Landlord Permission Form.  We must have permission from the owner for you to be eligible for weatherization services. 
I don't live in San Angelo. Can I still have weatherization done?

CVCAA serves fourteen counties with the weatherization program:  Coke, Coleman, Concho, Crockett, Irion, Kimble, McCulloch, Menard, Reagan, Runnels, Schleicher, Sterling, Sutton and Tom Green.

Free Tax Assistance
How long will it take for me to receive my refund?

You will receive your refund in the same amount of time as you would using a paid preparer's services.  We follow the IRS refund cycle chart.  This chart provides a best-case estimate when the IRS may issue a refund based on when the return is accepted by the IRS.

Do you offer direct deposit?

Yes, you may provide us with your bank's routing number and the account number you would like your refund deposited into.

Will my tax return be e-filed?

Yes, all returns are submitted via e-file.  This method is the fastest, most accurate, and safe method of filing your tax return.

How can I be sure my return will be correct?

All preparers are IRS trained and certified.  All returns are reviewed to ensure accuracy before they are submitted.

What software is used?

We use TaxSlayer software that is both IRS provided and approved.  

Will my information be kept confidential?

Every effort is made to keep your sensitive information confidential.  All our computers have security measurements installed, and paperwork is kept under lock and key.  At the end of the filing season, all paperwork is destroyed.

What if I need to file my return from a previous year?

Please call our office at (325) 653-2411 to make an appointment to have a previous year's return prepared.

What information will I need to bring with me to file my return?
  • Valid picture ID for filer and spouse, if applicable
  • If you are due a refund and want direct deposit, your bank's routing number AND bank account number are needed
  • Social security cards (or print out from social security office) for each person on the return, no exceptions
  • ALL W2's, 1099's, child care expenses, school tuition statements, school related expenses, real estate taxes, etc
  • If you are filing Married Filing Jointly, BOTH filers must be present at the time of your appointment
  • If available/applicable your tax return copy for the previous year
Can you prepare all returns including a business?

Yes, we are able to file most individual tax returns including some businesses. However, some forms and schedules may be out of our scope. Please call the office if you have any questions regarding your return at (325) 653-2411.

What if I live in another county besides Tom Green?

Our tax preparation program serves all counties.

Case Management
How does the case management program help me?

This program is designed to assist an individual or family in transitioning out of poverty. A case manager is assigned to you and together you work on a self-sufficiency plan to help you succeed. 

What are the incentives associated with the program?

You will be eligible to receive $100 a month in assistance.  The $100 can be used for food or gas monthly. There are also incentives for school related expenses. 

How long does the program last?

The program targets individuals or families that can reach self-sufficiency within a specified time period.  

How do you qualify for the program?

You must first income qualify (the income guideline is lower than for utility assistance) and second have a plan to increase your income and transition out of poverty within a reasonable amount of time.  You can call the agency at (325) 653-2411 or email [email protected] to find out more. 


What is required of me while participating in the program?

You are required to meet with your case manager once a month and work together to create goals and a self-sufficiency plan.  Once these goals are established, your case manager will serve as your coach and assist you in reaching them.