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From the Executive Director – December 2023

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Listen Up, Concho Valley! 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, one thing I’ve discovered is that I enjoy a good podcast.  Like most things in popular culture, I tend to find things later than the rest of the world.  I enjoy learning new things…and listening to people who know things talk about those things they know.  Some of my favorite podcasts include Smartless, Stuff You Should Know, Office Ladies, and Who Will Save Generation X.  The last one of those is a trivia podcast that hits at two of my favorite things…trivia and Generation X nostalgia. 

This summer, I had the opportunity to visit with the leadership at the Community Action Council in Lexington, KY.  You might be thinking “Kentucky??”  Well, it turns out that one of my wife’s best friends from college is the current board chair for them.  Small world.  He connected me with Sharon Price, their Executive Director.  We visited for a day in their facilities and talked a LOT about their podcast series Lex Talk More Action (what a great name) and their video podcast Unapologetically Woman.  What the CAC has learned is that by utilizing these media forms, they are able to connect with their community in a new and exciting way. 

So, upon returning to Texas, I jumped at the chance to do something similar.  The result is CVCAA Unplugged: From Action To Impact.  In each episode, I get to sit with someone who is making an impact in our community…either as an individual or as a leader of an agency working with those in need. If you head over to https://cvcaa.podbean.com/, or search for us on your favorite podcast provider, you can hear some of these conversations. We’re seven episodes in, so if you jump on it now, you can be caught up in no time and ready for more! 

There is already a lot happening in the Concho Valley, and we should share the word about it.  My hope is that the more people we have in conversation about assisting our low-income neighbors, the more good we can get done.  


For Everyone Born,