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From the Executive Director – January 2023


A Commitment to Helping People, Changing Lives 

Whew, what a whirlwind the last few months of 2022 turned out to be.  As you may know, CVCAA moved offices from our 12-year home in the basement of the Cactus Hotel to the Concho Suites.  Though we still have a few more offices to move, our staff didn’t miss a beat in offering much-needed assistance to individuals and families in the Concho Valley.  In fact, 2022 saw the most individuals ever assisted by CVCAA…over 8100!!!  The Concho Valley area has 7335 households in poverty and CVCAA is working with a large number of those in need. 

As we prepared for 2023, we made some logistical changes that we think will help those in need get their assistance quicker.  We now have multiple ways to apply for assistance: in person, email, mail, fax, online, and through our mobile app (available on Google Play and the Apple App Store)!  We’ve combined all our programs’ applications into one agency application…so if you need Utilities and Housing assistance we have 1 application that covers both instead of having to fill out multiple applications.  This means that those in need will have a more streamlined and hopefully easier path to assistance! 

We closed out 2022 with our first-ever Day of Giving/End of Year giving campaign.  With donations being matched 1-1 by the Abel-Hanger Foundation in Midland, the over $12000 raised becomes over $24000.  These funds will be going towards our work with the homeless in our area.  Thank you to all who gave during this time.  It is MUCH appreciated! 

I hope all this excites you!  As the Executive Director, sometimes I have a 30,000-foot overview of what we’re doing and it excites me.  Then some days I get to be with our team working with those in need. Seeing the faces, hearing the stories, drying the tears, giving assistance, helping people, changing lives…that’s what we do.  It is exciting work and our team is getting it done! 

For everyone born,